About Us

How it all began.

The idea of Baptist Studios really began in my heart while our family traveled the country in evangelism. As we would show up at different churches, conducting preaching meetings, I would often do graphic design work for the pastors. Little did I know that God was actually preparing me for something like this! I had a burden to help churches.

We are now serving at the Parkside Baptist Church in Mesquite, Texas. I’m the full-time media director and youth pastor. Recently, many pastors have reached out to me asking if I would do some media work for them. The work has ranged from audio/video to print layout. The Lord began working on my heart again.

I have to source out a LOT of what I design for our church. When I need something for a video, a flyer, a presentation, or some audio, I usually go to a stock media website and purchase something to help me design it well. When a friend of mine, Caleb Garraway, came to our church to shoot a couple video clips, he made mention, “our churches need a place they can go for fundamentally sound media!” Once again, the Lord pricked my heart.

So, I stepped out by faith and started laying the groundwork for a Bible-based stock media website for churches and their ministries.

The name, Baptist Studios, in and of itself is amazing how it all worked out! When I filed for the corporate license, the name was available! No one had the name, Baptist Studios! When I went to social media to start reserving the handles, every @BaptistStudios handle was available!

You see, WITH God, all things are possible!

New content is consistently added to help churches and ministries benefit their media outreach.


The purpose behind Baptist Studios.

Our mission at Baptist Studios is based on Deuteronomy 32:3, “Because I will publish the name of the Lord: ascribe ye greatness unto our God.” Our goal is to publish and ascribe greatness unto God!

Many churches are publishing the name of the Lord, but they stop there—they stop short of ascribing greatness unto God. I don’t believe they do it on purpose; I believe they don’t ascribe greatness unto God simply because they don’t have a way to do it. They don’t have a full-time media guy and the volunteer they might have working their media is limited in their resources as well.

That’s where Baptist Studios comes to work! We provide amazing, quality content to help churches do more than just publish the name of the Lord but to also ascribe greatness! God deserves our best!



  • Hire some of our church members as full-time employees. This can happen if churches get behind us.
  • Purchase audio equipment to produce stock orchestration as part of the website content. Music that can be used for conferences, videos, and other promotional material.
  • Get to a point where we are putting 1,000 new items on this website every month. This too can happen, with your help.

I’m here to serve. I’m happy to serve.
-Jonathan Wells, Founder

In association with Parkside Baptist Church in Mesquite, Texas.