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Hi! My name is Jonathan Wells. I started Baptist Studios with a mission based on Deuteronomy 32:3, “Because I will publish the name of the Lord: ascribe ye greatness unto our God.” Our goal is to publish and ascribe greatness unto God!

Many churches are publishing the name of the Lord, but they stop there—they stop short of ascribing greatness unto God. I don’t believe they do it on purpose; I believe they don’t ascribe greatness unto God simply because they don’t have a way to do it. They don’t have a full-time media guy and the volunteer they might have working their media is limited in their resources as well.

That’s where Baptist Studios comes to work! We provide amazing, quality content to help churches do more than just publish the name of the Lord but to also ascribe greatness! God deserves our best!

Experience and Passions

As opportunities have arisen and technologies have evolved I have had to constantly challenge myself to expand my skill set and knowledge base. While this can be frustrating for some - when you are passionate about what you do it makes the entire experience exciting and very rewarding. This makes Baptist Studios a solid company for churches and ministries.

Graphic Design - 19 years of experience90%
Photography 10 years of experience95%
Videography - 10 years of experience80%
Animation - 3 years of experience55%
Consultation - 19 years of experience80%

Services Offered

How can I help?
  • Stock Media

    We have developed a portfolio of digital media that can be purchased at over at Lightstock. We are adding more media every month! Check out our portfolio.

  • Photography

    What started as a hobby is now a powerful tool in the creative process. Choose professional custom photography to elevate your brand to the next level.

  • Videography

    Whether you come to us or bring us to you, we produce commercial-quality videos for any special event or promotional.

  • Consultation

    Some churches are fearful of new technology. At Baptist Studios, we can help you transition through that learning curve. We save you a lot of time and research. Give us a call!

  • Animation

    We love animation! One of our main customers uses animation to help younger children learn character-building songs. There are many benefits to animation.

  • Graphic Design

    Hiring a full-time designer on a church staff is difficult for many churches. You can get us to do one or multiple projects and we will handle it all for you!


Our work speaks for itself.

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